ADP iPay Account Registration

If your company is using Ipay ADP, each employee will have the privilege of creating an account where one can manage its own salary statements. The employee can also download and print the statements if needed for some professional or personal usage. There are many benefits that this system offers such as accessing to the account anytime the user want and anywhere they are as long as with the right device and internet connection. So, if your company is registered with ADP, read the following instructions below:

  1. In your browser, enter the website of ADP iPay. Type web link, Once you are on the webpage, check out the hyperlink that says “Register Now”.
  2. Before looking for the link and clicking it, make sure that every details and information you might need are prepared while you are on the process of registration.
  3. Enter the registration pass code that you have asked from your company so you can proceed on the next page. This will be a customized pass code presented by ADP on their own valued clients consists of various words and figures with the company’s name.
  4.  You are now to place some private information about yourself in the page including your SSS number, date of birth, owner’s name, residential and email address. And then, do not forget to hit “Next”.
  5. The page will ask you to choose personalized questions which supports you recover if you ever lost your password. Mainly opt for question in the drop down menu and supply the answer on the particular field labeled. Click on Next.
  6. The last step would be producing your own username and password for your account. Never talk about it with other people also. Never put a password that people can easily guess such as public information about you. Hit “Submit” after you have finish off.

The steps above are just simple if you follow them by steps. Obtain your own Ipay ADP now.