Knowing CorrLinks Inmate Email Program

It is very hard when you don’t get news from the outside of prison. As much as you want, you like to talk with your friends or loved ones about the latest news of their life. But often times, visitation is not an option. That is why CorrLinks program is issued in Federal of Prisons. Inmates now can email to everyone they wish. All they need is to do Corrlinks sign up and pay the minimum fee offered. How can you obtain your own account? How can you add contact list?image 2

How to Register an Account in CorrLinks Program?

  1. If you have been given an invitation email with an Identification code, you can start with the registration.
  2. When you are ready to register, just click the “Register” link. And then select “New Users” on the homepage at
  3. Input an email address which is working and valid. Do not forget also to input a password for your account for security purposes. Enter the Identification code given to you on the invitation email.
  4. The registration is already done and you will be approved by the admin within 30 minutes.

How Can You Use Your CorrLinks Account?

  1. When you want to add an inmate, you need to know the number.
  2. You are required to input the Identification code to add a federal inmate in your address book that was sent to you in the invitation email of CorrsLinks system.
  3. If you are ready to send an email, just go to the Mailbox. In there, you click the New Message and you can now start composing your account.

You can access the “Account Management” of you account to setup a message alert. Just go to “Manage my inmate list portion and then click the “Email Alert”. You will now receive an email whenever someone sent you a message in your CorrsLinks account.