The Offender Search in TDCJ Website

There are many state prisons, jail and correctional in Texas that it can be hard to track one inmate’s location. Good thing is that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has a website you can use. In there, you can research easily for that inmate. If you don’t know the process, you can read below the steps you can do:image

  1. You ought to search first into the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website. Look for the “General Information” link and after that opt for the “Offender Information”. Soon after redirected on the page, you will find the “Online Offender Search”.
  2. Simply put in the offender information on the field provided. You could simply use a first name, the last name or the TDCJ number of the prisoner, sex, race plus the SID (State Identification Number). The more details you put in the more reliable the actual result will likely be. This requires fewer lists to look through.
  3. Should you have to seek out an offender, you possibly can fill the data by clicking the “Record”. This will offer the info you must have. The facts will include things like the full name of the prisoner, the date of release, the race, age, SID, TDCJ number, the captive based and the criminal record.
  4. You can communicate with the Department of Criminal Justice. It is easy to contact 800-535-0283. They are going to entertain you anywhere between 8 am to 5pm on weekdays merely. Just provide the SID, TDCJ number or even the birth date of the prisoner.
  5. You can also search for a prisoner via emailing that contains the name of the prisoner as a subject of the You need to give the name, TDCJ number and the date of birth in the body to help make the question convenient. If you’re not sure of some details, it is easy to provide an estimate date as well as the area where it is found guilty.

TDCJ offender search website is the best place you can use as the fastest way to search for the inmate details.