Alternative Ways to Pay for College Tuition Fee

Government of the United States offered a program to the Department of Education where a student can apply for a Federal Student Aid in case he or she cannot pay or having a hard time paying the college tuition fee of the school. You can read more here at The financial aid is divided into three where a student can select one program that he or she is confident he or she can pass. The programs are detailed below:

Federal Work-Study

If you are confident that you can balance your study while working, the government can offer only a part-time position on your chosen field. This is to help for your college tuition payment.

It’s Benefits:

  1. The money you will earn will not just cover your tuition in college but as well as your expenses while studying.
  2. It won’t have an effect on your financial aid status which gives you the privilege to apply either student loan or grants.

Federal Loans

If you think you can pay a monthly settlement plus an interest, student loan can be your option. The good thing about it is it’s cheaper among other loans with low and fixed interest that never goes up each year. Learn more here at

It’s Benefits:

  1. You can build a nice credit rating that can be useful when applying for another loan.
  2. Federal Perkins Loan and Subsidized Stafford Loan are paid by the government.

Federal College Grants

If you have been picked among the many applicants, you are lucky to have this kind of award from the government. It is a help that can pay your college tuition without paying back the money.

It’s Benefits:

  1. The money you receive can be up to $2,445 each year.
  2. Some schools may also offer grants to their students from government.

Upon knowing the program, the student now must complete the FAFSA form at It is the form that will determine the eligibility of the student to be qualified on the program.

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