Alternative Ways to Pay for College Tuition Fee

Government of the United States offered a program to the Department of Education where a student can apply for a Federal Student Aid in case he or she cannot pay or having a hard time paying the college tuition fee of the school. You can read more here at The financial aid is divided into three where a student can select one program that he or she is confident he or she can pass. The programs are detailed below:

Federal Work-Study

If you are confident that you can balance your study while working, the government can offer only a part-time position on your chosen field. This is to help for your college tuition payment.

It’s Benefits:

  1. The money you will earn will not just cover your tuition in college but as well as your expenses while studying.
  2. It won’t have an effect on your financial aid status which gives you the privilege to apply either student loan or grants.

Federal Loans

If you think you can pay a monthly settlement plus an interest, student loan can be your option. The good thing about it is it’s cheaper among other loans with low and fixed interest that never goes up each year. Learn more here at

It’s Benefits:

  1. You can build a nice credit rating that can be useful when applying for another loan.
  2. Federal Perkins Loan and Subsidized Stafford Loan are paid by the government.

Federal College Grants

If you have been picked among the many applicants, you are lucky to have this kind of award from the government. It is a help that can pay your college tuition without paying back the money.

It’s Benefits:

  1. The money you receive can be up to $2,445 each year.
  2. Some schools may also offer grants to their students from government.

Upon knowing the program, the student now must complete the FAFSA form at It is the form that will determine the eligibility of the student to be qualified on the program.

Steps in Applying Student Loan

There are many high school graduates having problems about expensive college tuition, school expenses and books. It is indeed very expensive going to college. If you are among the many that are having this problem, one financial aid that you can lean on to achieve your dream is through student loans. There are many lenders out there who are willing to help you like here in this site You can also count on the government who gives Direct Loans for those who need financial assistance in college. How to apply for this loan? Here are the steps to successfully go to college:

  1. Free Application for Federal Aid is the first requirements you should complete. This is the form that will determine if you are fit to have the loan. Complete the form so you can get Direct Loans from the US Department of Education. They give low and very flexible interest. Private lenders are also another option beside this one. Blog post like this will tell you8 more about private lenders.
  2. Scholarship and grants can also be useful when you can have one. This is because what money you will borrow from Direct Loans can be lessened. You can now calculate how much money you will need.
  3. Entrance counseling is needed for new applicants. In this way, you will determine your responsibility as a borrower. The terms and conditions are discussed to you for better understanding.
  4. The Master Promissory Note will also be completed by the applicant. This is a promise note to the Direct Loans about paying the borrowed money no matter what happened. This is obtained on your school.
  5. If the money given from the Direct Loan is not yet sufficient from what you need, you can look for private lenders. They will take care for the rest needed money. Just make sure you look for a low interest private lender.
  6. Do not forget to read and review the contract given by the lender before signing.

Money for college can be achieved easily by following the steps above.

Comparison Between Online and Traditional Teaching for Phoenix University

People now have been enrolling through online universities because of many reasons. One of the largest for-profit Universities is the University of Phoenix Online Ecampus in United States. The university offered not only ground courses but as well as online classes. It has about 38 branches on different states and 2 schools in Canada and Puerto Rico. The school offers many courses from different degree such as in health care, education, technology, social and behaviour and many more. Why there are many people have been joining the online courses? Here are the comparison and contrast of the traditional and online way of teaching in phoenix university.

The best about traditional teaching in this school is that you have the PowerPoint presentation every week to summarize all what your team had learned. So, each person in the group has the chance to stand in front and talk to the group. This is an excellent way to practice your communication skill without threat.

The best about online classes is the flexibility. Instructors will assume that you have a busy schedule. In terms of passing assignments and paper works, you are not pressured. You can pass it anytime you are ready. You can also attend classes anytime you want as long as you remain active every day with the lessons.

The classes in traditional way are strict and rigid. You are to follow the 6PM to 10 PM schedule. If you have a job that allows you to stay late, you will miss the class. If you are not feeling well, you may be able to absent for that day and miss the whole lesson. You need to be flexible on your side in order to submit the requirements needed.

You need discipline when taking up the online classes. You are given the flexibility to take time when will you take up the class and pass your assignment. If you are undisciplined and put everything “will do later” you won’t succeed. Unlike the traditional, you are going to pay attention to everything in the class.