Comparison Between Online and Traditional Teaching for Phoenix University

People now have been enrolling through online universities because of many reasons. One of the largest for-profit Universities is the University of Phoenix Online Ecampus in United States. The university offered not only ground courses but as well as online classes. It has about 38 branches on different states and 2 schools in Canada and Puerto Rico. The school offers many courses from different degree such as in health care, education, technology, social and behaviour and many more. Why there are many people have been joining the online courses? Here are the comparison and contrast of the traditional and online way of teaching in phoenix university.

The best about traditional teaching in this school is that you have the PowerPoint presentation every week to summarize all what your team had learned. So, each person in the group has the chance to stand in front and talk to the group. This is an excellent way to practice your communication skill without threat.

The best about online classes is the flexibility. Instructors will assume that you have a busy schedule. In terms of passing assignments and paper works, you are not pressured. You can pass it anytime you are ready. You can also attend classes anytime you want as long as you remain active every day with the lessons.

The classes in traditional way are strict and rigid. You are to follow the 6PM to 10 PM schedule. If you have a job that allows you to stay late, you will miss the class. If you are not feeling well, you may be able to absent for that day and miss the whole lesson. You need to be flexible on your side in order to submit the requirements needed.

You need discipline when taking up the online classes. You are given the flexibility to take time when will you take up the class and pass your assignment. If you are undisciplined and put everything “will do later” you won’t succeed. Unlike the traditional, you are going to pay attention to everything in the class.

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