How to Add Password on Linksys Router?

You can find many Linksys wireless routers that will fit to your needs for your home or office. It will give you the benefit especially staying connected even you roam around your home or office. What you need to do is protect your network from hackers. This is because your connected contains packets of data that might be important and can be stolen by hackers. All you need to do is add a password on your router. How? Here are the steps:

  1. Be certain your router is on and also you have to navigate to IP with your own web browser on your pc or laptop. Make sure it is plugged into your router with whether wired or wireless.
  2. Just have the username empty and then put inside the password field “admin. Next, click “OK” tab so you will definitely be navigated on the router’s web set up web page. Whenever you can never login through the default password mentioned and never know the customized one, it is advisable to restart your router.
  3. In the page, just click the “Administration” tab. At that time press “Management” tab that is found on the left area of navigation section.
  4. You will currently produce the password of your router. Just fill in the password on the “Router Password” field after which re-enter it for affirmation on the location provided. Be sure that you keep in mind the password you have inserted. You will reset once more the router allowing you to connect to the setup page and straight back to beginning of this procedure.
  5. Merely select the “Save Settings” to ensure that your password will be filed. It will be stored promptly and then you do not have to restart your router. You can instantly login to your new password allowing you to continue with your connection on your network.

The is the default IP address of the Linksys. Protect it now.


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