Some of the Free and Great Email Service Providers

It is kind of questionable how many people still use the paid service of email communication. What do they don’t know is that there are tons of paid service that you can find out there. Most of the people that are lure into paid services are those who are not well familiar with internet. If you already knew some of the best email services what’s stopping you? You have to sign up now and go to their page such as going to gmail login page. If you still do not know some of these free services, you can continue reading this article so you can have the choice.

  1. FastMail. This email service offers different levels of account. They offer free email service to the Guest users but there is limitation.  It only allows 10Mb of storage and you can only transfer 80MB per month. The good thing about this email service is that they offer domain names to add on your email address.
  2. Gmail. One of the best email service providers that offers free account. Interested on this service? You can go to their gmail login page and sign up for your own account. The user can easily navigate the different pages of the website and enjoy its additional features such as SMS texting and chat application.
  3. AOL Mail. This is a paid email service long time ago. Now, you can use the service completely free. You do not need to have the proprietary software anymore so you can access the mails on your account. It offers unlimited storage and up to 16MB capacity of file attachment.

These are only few among the best email service providers. You can look for more or research some feedback from email users on which gives the best service to them. There are that offers many features and security than others, so choose the best.