How to Be a Member of Scottrade?

Since the success of Rodger Riney in building a discount brokerage named Scottrade, it has now grown into a big online trading company in United States. The company is very easy to find since it has 100 office branches in different states. It also said that the company can cater any level of financial states. It is said that the company has the lowest rate of opening deposit. If you want to put your money on a good investment, this company might be for you. Login to Scottrade if you are curious about this company. All you need is to know the process of how to open an account. Here are the steps.

  1. Type the URL and open your account. The application process will take about 10 minutes to fill out the information needed online.
  2. Place your basic information and select the type of account. The first page of the application will be about providing your basic information such as your whole name, address, contact number and many more. You will also be asked what account type you want such as individual, joint and etc.
  3. Give your employer’s information. The website will also ask about your basic employment details and about your employer. It will be used to verify some information through the contact information.
  4. Provide tax information. The company will ask about your tax information which leads you to provide your Social Security number, marital status, citizenship and whether you have backup withholding.
  5. The company will verify your identity. The Scottrade will conduct an automated credit check to know if you are qualified for the application. The process will lead to the credit history you have if you have any creditors in the past.
  6. Funding your account. After you are verified and your account is created, you can now deposit money or check to your account.

These are the six steps on how to start trading stocks in Scottrade. Now you can put your money into a good use for your future.